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The basic steps for creating content for a website

  • Copywriting

    You have a good site, but it got lost somewhere in the infinity of search results of Google or Yandex? Your online store does not bring the desired customers? You constantly put money into the promotion, but he stood in the same position? All these problems can be solved.

    To solve these problems, we suggest you use our copywriter who will fill your site quality content. This will raise your site ranking on the list of search engines, as well as attract many new customers to cooperate with you.

    Filling the site content consists of several stages: 1) the focus of the site analysis and selection of key words, and 2) writing texts, and 3) the optimization of texts.

  • Analysis of the focus of the site and keyword selection

    Getting to work on texts, we conduct a detailed analysis of the site (acquaintance with the subject and content of the materials located on the site). In the analysis, we identify relevant to the promotion of specific words and phrases. Once the subject is defined and the goal of texts we hold to select the most appropriate category and popular search queries. Selection of requests, we take into account the three main criteria: Theme, quantitative and regional. List of relevant keywords and phrases we provide the customer for approval. After the approval of the provided list, we start writing lyrics.

  • writing texts

    When writing text, we focus on the target audience site. We write texts that allow potential clients to quickly and easily clarify all its interesting moments. Depending on what page the text is placed and depends on its information content. For example, the text for the section "About us" we tell you about the history and the founders of the company, its activities. The text of industrial equipment, we will make it a brief overview and description of the technical characteristics. Ready texts we check for spelling, syntax and punctuation errors.

  • optimization of texts

    The next step is to optimize the texts, it includes checking the uniqueness of the text and placement of keywords in the text. Our lyrics are the percentage of the uniqueness of over 90%. However, there are times when the text (especially in official style) using the established clichés and phrases, then the uniqueness of these texts are somewhat lower. In this case, we perform the correction of the text, in order to enhance its uniqueness. No less important stage - is the placement of keywords in the text. Many people believe that they can be placed in the text just like that. In fact, it's much more difficult. Since the site come alive people, the texts should easy to understand and aimed at attracting attention. We are making it easy, trying to place the keywords in the text as quietly. We create too intrusive, but at the same time, the quality, the texts. Fully optimized texts we are available to the customer for approval. After the approval of the texts we place them on the web-site of the client.

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