DesignWhat's in a website design will play in your favor, and that may scare visitors.

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  • Website design the first one to welcome your guests!

    Current trends dictate the basic principles of the site: simplicity, functionality and readability.

    The simpler, the better, the more informative and accessible place the blocks you about your services, the more trust your company, the easier it is perceived by the font and color of the text on your products closer you are to sell them. Your resource is perhaps twentieth of the account of the applicant in your service or product, so he does not have time to click on a number of your pages tangled with cheers, ostensibly themed wallpapers, screensavers, or even worse mandatory registration on the site, puts the company in order to find this site window in his city or no. The man immediately close the tab of your site, all became very, very picky.

  • How design can hold visitor?

    When properly nuanced design of site structure client will come to buy.

    Most people who come to your site from search engines is very poorly versed in Internet technologies, especially to people in age. Therefore laid in the design of the main page the main directions in the form of fatty buttons "You can buy here", "Download the price here." Your contacts should not be hidden, the availability of phone numbers of different operators, Skype, Email and increase the probability of contact with a potential customer. Add the design flair, even the most rigorous design of the site should call the visitor positive emotions.

  • Your design should be remembered ...

    How to stand out from the crowd of competitors? Start with the design.

    When developing a site, determine for itself its primary colors. With even the most standard template structure of the site, only one color scheme, you can change it beyond recognition. As in real life, too variegated clothes, home or site would be superfluous, do not show the severity and stability of your intentions or the services provided. This will help all of you well-formed design of your brand. In the future, memorable brand itself will bring you customers. You have to position your company as: "We, the brand" instead of "... We sell it." Even buying more seeds under the brand than the cut-off of the cup with his grandmother.

  • How to decide on the design

    Website design is not a tattoo on the body, do not be afraid to change it.

    Carrying out design for their customers, we have long abandoned the painted variants of one or two designers are constantly sitting in the office. We provide our clients with at least a dozen options drawn completely different people, from different parts of the world. This allows unikalizirovat design, designers avoid the limited vision of one region or even a country. By selecting a specific design, you may add and change any of the amendments until you come to a complete and satisfactory design of your future business partner - site.

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