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  • Preparing for promotion

    To start promoting define for the highlights in the promotion: promotion of the region and the target audience.

    At the initial stage, we help the customer to position its web-based resource, qualitatively determine its audience of potential customers. Select the highest priority areas of the country for the first few months of promotion. Customers often come with a ready opinion obtained from various sources and then we can explain and point out the mistakes in choosing the direction of promoting a website.

  • Site audit and optimization

    Can a search engine to come to your site? Laid Do you have this opportunity creators your Internet resource?

    Not one search engine does not access your site just as it is done by standard users. To the search engine entrance to the site is only a code. And then there is the need to optimize the internal code of a site. Also present site to the validity of the html-code.
    We provide search engine optimization and bringing it to the requirements of the search engine, in which the supposed progress. We will give an opportunity to the first pages of the search engines to understand what you have to offer and what region you're interested in the issue to be google or yandex.

  • semantic kernel

    We will build for you the best queries, taking into account their frequency, competition and zaprashivaemosti final buyer.

    We select the key demands - the semantic core of the site, we determine the statistics of search queries that search engine optimization is assumed, we help optimize your campaign budget to promote the site. Companies that charge money for each request, narrowed the understanding of the customers on the number of search queries to 1-2 dozen. This is not right. We offer you several hundreds of HF and MF queries that will promote your site. Also give you a couple of hundred requests for bass that you can get out without further cost to the top of search engines by one-time writing optimized articles you or your employees.

  • Buying a reference mass

    All search engines chorus saying that the links do not work.

    The time of purchase options are ineffective really was, and even dangerous. Search engines change their algorithm in every possible way in order to avoid an artificial issue. But some of the links vseravno work, we were able to calculate this part and effectively use it to promote their clients. Having formed an account for the purchase and analysis of reference weight, we provide access to customers to be able to regularly review the position of the site for the selected search queries. Make recommendations to optimize the campaign budget. Ie Giving Directions to the client, which search queries can be maximum return on each invested a penny.
    At each stage of SEO-campaign, we provide full support to our clients in all pending issues.

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