Special offer! Super low price SEO!

Only for those who will order SEO services up to 31/03/2015 special price -

100 euros per month.

Terms and Conditions:

- The action applies only to customers who ordered the service SEO before the 31/03/2015

- Within the action only 7 (seven) key searches will be promoted

- In the framework of the campaign promotion will provide 3 (three) months.

- To promote the value of work includes the following:

1.   analyze the statistics of keyword queries relating to website and use it to form the semantic core for website, promotion includes 7 (seven) key searches

2.   carry out a full audit of your site

3.   make up and place special SEO-texts are best adapted for selected queries

3.   on each SEO-page in a certain way customizable meta tags

4.   by our exclusive technology we form a reference (web-links) base

5.   promotion on one customer selected region (country, city, region)

6.   promotion in one search engine Google or Yandex.  

the cost of promotion does not include:

1.   work on making edits to the site of the customer as a result of the audit (priced separately depending on the volume of work)

2.   creation and placement the content on pages that not include into

We will be in touch by any means!

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